Lloyd Flanders Ibiza-Discontinued

LLoyd Flanders Furniture & Furniture is no longer available for the Ibiza Collection Series 28000

Originally introduced in 2000, The Lloyd Flanders' Ibiza sectional by Mathias Hoffman took the Best of Show award. 

Curved Sectional Unit-Right arm half sofa, ottoman, armless seating unit, curved sectional unit, left arm half sofa

Half Sofa, Chaise, Cocktail Table-Left arm half sofa,  28" Teak Top Cocktail Table, Chaise

Chaise with Casters-Adjustable Chaise with Casters 

Half Sofa 28058 Left, Half Sofa 28057 Right & Ottoman-Right arm half sofa, left arm half sofa, ottoman



Discontinued - Not Available
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