About Us

About Us  

Lloyd Wicker Furniture.com by Wicker East is a family owned and operated business specializing in first quality wicker and rattan Indoor/Outdoor furniture.  Wicker East was initially established in Harrisburg, PA  in1974 and continues daily operations under original ownership.  In 2003 we moved to our current 25,000 square foot facility in nearby Mechanicsburg, PA which features a retail showroom which is among the largest in the northeast.  Our huge display area and onsite warehouse is always stocked with merchandise which is available for immediate free local delivery.  We are Authorized Dealers for Lloyd/Flanders Furniture & Replacement Cushions, Lane Venture WeatherMaster, Leisure Lane, Braxton Culler, North Cape International & Treasure Garden.  For over 40 years we have proudly offered the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, while providing quality merchandise at everyday competitive prices.  Please shop online with confidence at Wicker East or visit our permanent showroom located at 4800 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050.  For immediate service please call (717) 591-9900 during business hours.



Store Policy for Lloyd Flanders Outdoor Wicker Furniture 

By placing an order you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as specified.  A complete understanding of our store policies will insure a successful business relationship in the future.  Please Contact Us or call (717) 591-9900 if you have any questions. 

Internet Pricing Guarantee

As an Authorized Lloyd Flanders Dealer since 1985, our price structure reflects a -30% Discount below MSRP which is the lowest permitted by Lloyd Flanders. Please call or Contact Us  if you find a lower internet advertised price!!!                                                           

Sales Tax

Orders shipped within Pennsylvania are subject to 6% Sales Tax.   We do not collect sales tax for orders delivered to other states. Consumers are responsible to report purchases which are subject to state or local tax codes.

Freight Costs

Free shipping is included on Lloyd®/Flanders purchases delivered within the Lower 48 United States.  We do not ship outside this region.   

Terms of Payment for Lloyd®/Flanders Furniture Orders

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover Card & American Express.  Payment in full is required at the time your Lloyd®/Flanders furniture order is placed.

Ordering/Delivery Times for Lloyd Flanders Furniture

Lloyd Flanders will normally ship your order within about 3-4 weeks from the time it is received and placed with the factory.  We will notify you by email as soon as your order is shipped from Lloyd Flanders. Please allow about (7) Days for Standard "Curbside" Delivery.  You will be notified in the event of any delay due to out of stock or discontinued fabrics.  Please place your order in advance to allow for minor delays which may sometimes occur, particularly during peak ordering season from April to July.

Cancellation and Order Changes During Factory Production

After placing your Lloyd Flanders order, an email confirmation will be sent to you.  Please punctually check the accuracy of all the information and report any corrections within 24 hours.  Orders which we submit to Lloyd Flanders are promptly scheduled for production.  Any cancellation or changes to an order which has already begun "Production" is subject to a 50% restocking fee by Lloyd Flanders which will be deducted from your deposit or payment.  "Production" is defined as the cutting of the fabrics or foam for cushions and/or the finishing of frames.

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

Your Lloyd Flanders purchase will be produced on a Special Order basis using your individual choice of fabric, frame and finish.   As with all Special Orders there are Absolutely No Returns, Exchanges or Refunds permitted.

Swatch Sample Requests

Lloyd Flanders offers a Free Swatch Program to insure complete customer satisfaction.  Select up to 6 fabrics from our Request Lloyd/Flanders Swatch Samples page and you will receive fabric samples by mail.  Please call or Contact Us and your request will be processed within 1 Business Day.  Please allow up to 10 days to receive swatch samples.

Privacy Policy

Any contact information provided to us will not be sold or shared with a third party and will only be used to respond to your specific inquiry or request at that time.  You will not be contacted or receive any solicitation in the future based on this information.


Fabric Disclaimer

Many of the fabric images shown on this website have been individually scanned in an attempt to represent colors most accurately.  Please be aware that actual fabric colors may widely differ due to conditions such as visual perception and video monitor settings.  Please request Free fabric samples prior to ordering to insure customer satisfaction.   

Contrasting Welt/Cords & Fringes Disclaimer

Some furniture images provided on this website display the use of Contrasting Welt on cushions.  Contrasting Welt is optional on some collections and NOT included in the standard purchase price of Lloyd Flanders Wicker Furniture or Lloyd Flanders Replacement Cushions.  A matching “Self Welt” is included on cushions from collections which include a welt as a standard specification on current cushions.  To discuss Contrasting Welt options & pricing, please Contact Us or call (717) 591-9900. 

Toss Pillow Disclaimer

Many of the furniture images provided on this website include the use of toss pillows for photographic display purposes only.  Toss Pillows are optional and NOT included in the standard purchase price of Lloyd Flanders Wicker Furniture or Lloyd Flanders Replacement Cushions.   Please order toss pillows separately by selecting the "Toss Pillow" Collection for Lloyd Flanders Furniture. 

Fabrics & Cut Yardage

Cut yardage of fabrics is available and priced on a per grade basis ranging from Grade A to Grade D.  Fabrics measure 54” wide and are sold in even yard increments of 36”.  For info or pricing, please Contact Us or call (717) 591-9900. 

Warranty for Lloyd Flanders Furniture, Fabrics & Cushions

A 3-year limited warranty for residential installation covers all defects in workmanship or materials of your Lloyd®/Flanders Furniture Frame.  A separate 1-year warranty applies to all fabrics/cushions and granite/natural slate travertine tables. This warranty remains in effect for a period of 3-years from the original date of purchase.  Any indication of abnormal or abusive use of the furniture, or damage caused by extreme weather will void this warranty. It is very important that you do NOT store your furniture upside down to allow water into the frames as Lloyd®/Flanders’ warranty does not cover damage caused by freezing.  Lloyd®/Flanders will at their discretion repair or replace any part of the product or the entire product if it is defective in material or workmanship. Repair or replacement will be made at no cost to the consumer.  Lloyd®/Flanders will pay the freight to and from the factory during the first 3- years of ownership.  An inspection by a factory representative may be required prior to any repairs or replacement. For additional information regarding this warranty please contact your Authorized Lloyd®/Flanders Dealer. Please visit the Lloyd®/Flanders Warranty link for complete details. 

A separate Sunbrella Warranty protects the original purchaser of any Glen Raven Sunbrella Furniture Fabric from becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty only applies to the fabric portion of the product and does not cover normal care and cleaning; damage from misuse or abuse; improper installation; or costs associated with replacement of the fabric, including labor and installation. Glen Raven reserves the right to inspect the fabric submitted for claim and will supply new equivalent Sunbrella fabric to replace the fabric that becomes unserviceable.  Please also visit the Sunbrella® Warranty link for complete details on Sunbrella® Brand Acrylic fabrics used on Lloyd Flanders products.

Care, Maintenance & Cleaning Instructions for Lloyd Flanders Furniture, Fabric & Cushions

Lloyd Loom Painted and Stained Finishes:  If the wicker finish becomes worn, scratched or chipped, clean and dry the area and cover with our Lloyd/Flanders touch-up spray paint. If the painted frame becomes worn, scratched or chipped, lightly sand the area with fine grit sandpaper. Clean and dry the area, then cover with our Lloyd/Flanders touch-up spray paint.

Lloyd Flanders Vinyl Finishes:  Vacuum or use a soft brush on woven material and cushions to remove organic material to prevent decay. Using a sponge, wash with mild detergent and warm water to remove soil. Rinse and allow to dry thoroughly before use. We do not warranty freeze damage. Please use a breathable cover for your furniture in extreme climates.  Please Note: The use of a high power spray washer is not generally recomended as improper use may result in permanent damage to your furniture. 

Cushions:  If excessive water accumulates in cushions, stand upright with open zipper or seam side down. Be sure the inside of the cushion is completely dry.  Printed acrylics may be scrubbed with a solution of mild detergent and warm water.  Do not use bleach. Rinse and air dry.  DO NOT PUT IN DRYER OR HAVE DRY CLEANED.  Cushions of solution dyed acrylic fabrics can be cleaned with one cup of chlorine bleach in one gallon of water with a small amount of mild detergent. Test in a small inconspicuous area.  Saturate a rag or soft brush with the solution. Scrub the entire cushion and rinse well with water and let air dry.  Apply a light coat of Scotchguard to the cushion after cleaning.

Mildew:  Lloyd /Flanders does not guarantee that woven material and cushions will be mildew free.  Mildew grows on damp, soiled items. Woven material and cushions must be kept clean. 

Travertine/Slate Table Tops:  Clean the surface with a mild detergent, then apply a high quality stone sealer. This will enhances the natural color and beauty of the stone, while helping protect the surface against U.V. rays and other natural elements.

Please visit the Lloyd®/Flanders Care & Maintenance or Sunbrella® Care & Cleaning links for complete details. 

Internet Accuracy Disclaimer/ Right of Refusal 

Although our website is constantly monitored to insure complete accuracy, we are not responsible for any discrepancy pertaining to the errant use of images, descriptions, dimensions or prices.  We reserve the right to contact any consumer in an effort to adjust prices and/or refuse the sale of merchandise.

Receiving Guidelines for Lloyd/Flanders® Furniture

·          Your Lloyd/Flanders order will be sent via prepaid freight included and requires no additional payment.

·          You will receive an email notification when your order has been shipped from Lloyd®/Flanders. A tracking number will also be provided whenever possible.

·          Within about a week a regional representative from the trucking company will contact you to schedule an appointment for your delivery. 

·          You will be required to be available during a weekday to receive your delivery, as the freight carriers do not make weekend deliveries.

·          Lloyd/Flanders furniture orders come packaged in cardboard cartons and will be delivered to the curbside of your home. This service is referred to as a "Tailgate Delivery" because the driver is only required to advance the cartons to the rear of the truck.  You are responsible for the cost of any additional delivery service requests made of the driver.  For this reason it is a good idea to have a helper with you when your furniture arrives.

·          Be diligent when receiving your order, as ownership is legally conveyed to the buyer once the shipment leaves the factory. 

·          Please know that when you sign the delivery receipt, your signature implies that “all items are received in good condition except as noted.”

ü        Check the shipping label on each carton to verify that it belongs to you.  Your “Customer Name” should appear on the white Lloyd/Flanders shipping label on each carton.

ü        Confirm that the quantity of cartons you receive matches the total shown on the delivery receipt. This is very important. The burden of proof is on the recipient for shortages which involve missing cartons which were not documented at the time of delivery.

ü        If you discover a discrepancy which involves missing freight please follow the Instructions for Shortages Due to Freight Loss (shown below).

·          Although freight damage is uncommon, it can occasionally occur.

·          Please have a digital camera or cell phone on hand to photograph any potential concerns at the time your delivery is made.

ü        Carefully inspect all cartons for visible freight damage such as crushing, puncture holes, open cartons, broken glass or noticeable re-taping.

ü        If you suspect freight damage based on visible signs of mishandling do not sign the delivery receipt without first examining the contents of the carton before the truck driver departs. 

ü        Please follow the Instructions for Visible Freight Damage (shown below).

·          If the cartons you receive appear intact, please sign the delivery receipt and release the driver.  The truck driver is not required to wait until you unpack your entire order unless there is visible evidence of possible freight damage.

·          After the truck departs it is the responsibility of the consumer to unpack, assemble* and place the furniture in its final location. *Minor assembly may be required on certain styles of glider mechanisms, end tables, coffee tables, dining tables, and sectional sofas.

·          It is very important that the unpacking process and final examination be done within 24 hours in the event of possible concealed freight damage. 

ü        If you discover freight damage concealed within a carton after the truck has departed, Please Do Not Discard the Damaged Item or the Shipping Carton.  

ü        Please follow the Instructions for Concealed Freight Damage (shown below).

·          When unpacking your furniture please use extreme care.  The use of a utility knife is not recommended for the novice because of the permanent damage that may result to your furniture.  Scissors are suggested in cases that require removing wrapping which is closely attached to furniture frames.  (When removing your furniture from the cartons please beware of large packing staples which may snag your clothing or skin).    

·          Damage that results from the use of utility knives is not covered by warranty or freight damage, and will not be replaced or repaired by Lloyd Flanders.

·          Failure to comply with the Receiving Guidelines may compromise your freight claim.


Instructions for Shortages Due to Freight Loss

·          If you discover a Shortage due to cargo loss, it will be necessary for you to remove the packing slip which is taped to one of the cartons and use it to determine which specific item is missing.  (In rare instances shipments can become separated in transit.  When found, the missing carton will usually be delivered to you within a few days by the trucking company.  If the carton is not located a new item will be ordered and sent to you at no additional charge).

·          Ask the driver to call the dispatcher at his terminal to report the shortage.

·          Have the driver legibly print a detailed description of the shortage on the shipping papers, including style and model numbers taken from the packing slip.  Also, have the driver date and sign his name to attest to the problem.

·          Make sure you receive a copy of the delivery receipt and please contact us immediately.

·          A replacement item will be sent to you at no additional cost.

·          Failure to comply with the Receiving Guidelines may compromise your freight claim. 

Instructions for Visible Freight Damage-“Curbside Delivery

·          If you suspect Visible freight damage based on the poor appearance of a carton, do not sign the delivery receipt without first examining the contents of the carton before the truck driver departs.

·          If your examination reveals freight damage please “refuseonly the damaged item and “acceptall of the remaining items (including any cushions from a damaged frame). 

ü        Example:  If your seating order consists of six cartons and you determine that one of the cartons contains a damaged sofa, please remove & keep the cushions from the damaged frame.  “Refuseonly the damaged sofa frame in its original carton and “accept” all other remaining cartons.  A new sofa frame will sent at no additional cost.

·          If possible, please take detailed digital photos of the damaged item including its original carton.  This will greatly assist us if needed in filing your freight claim.

·          Ask the driver to call the dispatcher at his terminal to report the problem.

·          Have the driver legibly print a detailed description of the damage on the shipping papers, including style and model numbers taken from the label on the carton.  Also, have the driver date and sign his name to attest to the problem.

·          Make sure you receive a copy of the delivery receipt and please contact us immediately.

·          A replacement item will be sent to you at no additional cost.

·          Failure to comply with the Receiving Guidelines may compromise your freight claim. 

Instructions for Concealed Freight Damage-“Curbside Delivery

· If you discover Concealed freight damage after the truck has departed it is essential that you contact us within 24 hours of receiving your delivery.

· Please email digital photos to us which document the damage, as Concealed freight claims are often more difficult to substantiate.

· Please Do Not Discard the Damaged Item or the Shipping Carton as the trucking company may need to inspect, pick-up and transport the damaged item in its original carton.

· We are required to contact the freight carrier to request a concealed damage inspection. The carrier may either waive the inspection or send an inspector to examine the damaged item. We will advise you of their final decision.

· Replacement item(s) will be ordered and sent to you at no additional cost.

· Failure to comply with the Receiving Guidelines may compromise your freight claim.